Saint William Catholic Church Volunteers

As Catholics, we are called to give to others the gifts that God has given us. Traditionally, we break down our "gifts" into three categories; time, talent, and treasure. Volunteering at Saint William gives you the opportunity to share your unique God-given talents along with your time. Our ministries greatly rely on our parish volunteers and our volunteers are enriched in their own faith through giving their time and talent. Please consider joining a volunteer group in one of the many ministries offered at Saint William. 


To volunteer at Saint William where you are working with the children, adolescence or vulunerable adults, please complete the following steps:

1. To save time at the parish office, please print and fill out the following form: Volunteer Form

2. After completing the volunteer form, call Karin Daniels at (239) 963-4475 to set up an appointment at the parish office. Karin will review the steps required by the dioces of Venice and schedule a time for fingerprinting (paid for by the parish).

3. Complete the assigned Safe Enviroment Training and register with the Volgistics volunteer system.

4. Enjoy Volunteering!


For more information with volunteering with particular ministries Please contact the following people:



Updated 9/8/2022