St. Vincent DePaul

St. William Conference has had the privilege of serving the needy in our parish boundaries for 40 years (1981-2021).

               Our conference is able to provide financial assistance to the needy in our area because of the generosity of our faith community at St. William. 
               We provide assistance with rent, utilities, and other necessities, which our caseworkers may deem appropriate knowing that no act of charity
               is foreign to our Society.  It is in listening to the individual stories during our home visits that determine how we can be of service.

                    We have established a special outreach to partner with the Community Pregnancy Clinic and Providence House with assistance to Moms/families, who may find themselves in need.

The charism of the Society is to develop our own holiness through friendship with each other and those we serve and through that development be able to serve those in need with open minds and hearts.  We, as Vincentians, are aware of our own brokenness, and the need for God’s grace in serving the needy.  We consider one of the primary ways to journey towards this holiness is the shared spirituality and inspiration we receive at our Conference meetings.

Monthly food drives are conducted for the choice pantry located at the Family Assistance Center.  Our conference members man the white “vinnie van” before and after every Mass on the third Sunday of every month.  We are able to personally thank those, who give so generously to “feed the hungry” through our choice pantry.

             Several individuals from the parish volunteer their time to the Meals on Wheels ministry and work in the Thrift stores, which support the Council endeavors.

We are grateful to our Pastor, priests and parish staff for their ongoing support and encouragement for our ministry.