Family Faith Formation

"The Church teaches that the primary responsibility for the spiritual growth and development of the children rests first and foremost with the parents.  Parents may share this responsibility with others, but they do not relinquish it."  CCC #2223


Current Families: What's up next?

Sunday, Oct. 8 or Wednesday, Oct. 11:  Grade level class for all children; parent class for ALL parents.

Parents will turn in homework - the UNIT 1 Review on Revelation (covers chapters 1-2-3).  Please be sure your child's name and grade are written on top.

Only turn in the first 2 pages of the Unit Review :

First Grade:  pages 77-78

Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades: pages 83-84.

Please note:  Bilingual books have a different page number.  Also, Kindergarten has no homework!

Class on Sunday, Oct. 22 and Wednesday, Oct. 25 will have the First Communion Homework Due.



The 2023-2024 Classes

Click here for the General 2023-2024 calendar.  Please note that there are TWO classes per month for every child.  All parents attend the 1st class of each month. First Communion parents attend both.  


This year's registration is currently closed, and our Sunday classes are full.  Please contact Kristi (info below) to request being on the waiting list for the Wednesday evening classes.

Kristi Jenkins - Family Faith @ St. William, 750 Seagate Dr, Naples FL 34104



Click here for the Family Faith Information Booklet.

Want to volunteer as a catechist, assistant or hall monitor?  Call Kristi, we'd love to help you serve!


Additional Information about our Family Faith Ministry:

  • One parent or guardian attends class at the same time as your registered child(ren). 
  • Babies, toddlers or younger children are also welcome to stay with their parent(s).
  • Your family attends the same day each month (either Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights).
  • Communication is primarily through email and this website.
  •  Contact Kristi with any questions. If you're looking for information about First Holy Communion, click here.



Interested in a local women's book group? Join us once a month to discuss a variety of good literature from a Catholic point of View.  We meet on select Tuesdays, once a month, from 10am - 11:30am in room 222 of the Ministry Center.  Our group is inter-generational, with some women at different stages of mothering and others without children. Visit the website to sign up with the national organization (including the membership fee), The Well Read Mom, then contact Ashley or Kristi at the office for more information.  


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St. William Parish Family Faith Formation works together with families to provide faith formation for children and their parents or guardians. Catechesis enables our faith to become living, conscious, and active -- especially through God’s Word in Scripture and the Tradition of the Catholic Church.  Catechesis is a life-long process for each individual, and the work of the entire Catholic community.

For more information, please contact:

Kristine Neumayer Jenkins
Director of Family Faith Formation


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Our program strives to work together with you, to become closer in Christian community to live as Jesus taught us: through love, faithfulness, scripture, faith-sharing and example.

Children are introduced to God by the knowledge that everything around them comes from God. Growing within the security of their family it is the opportunity for parents to begin introducing stories of Jesus.  When you take your children to Mass with you, they began to realize this is a special place where we gather with friends to recognize the presence of God.  They watch you approach the altar to receive Jesus in the Eucharist and they also want to receive, to deepen their relationship with God.  Faith-filled events and daily recognition can permeate all of family life. The family - YOUR family - is where you begin to live out your faith in God:  through daily prayer, through learning to see God in the way you treat each other, through learning to trust God in everything that happens.

We at St. William’s recognize that you, as parents, are blessed to foster your children’s spiritual growth. We want to be your partner in this journey with your family, helping you find resources for your parenting in the faith.  We offer opportunities for children to learn about Catholicism through classes and events.  We offer opportunities for parents to be nourished in your faith and to form relationships with other practicing Catholics through our Family Faith Formation classes.  We expect regular Mass attendance, and offer strategies and encouragment for making it a meaningful experience of God.  These combined opportunities allow each member of your family to be nourished by the Church and to be able to nourish your children in their own faith journey.