Funerals & Memorial Masses

 A Celebration of Eternal Life

Saint William Parish hold you and your family in prayer at this difficult time.  Please know that we are here to assist you with the planning of the funeral for your loved one.  We will help you make decisions concerning readings and music, and answer any questions you may have concerning the church, liturgy, and funeral preparations.

There are three types of Masses here at Saint William that are associated with the Rite of Christian Burial:

  • Mass of Christian Burial with the Body Present: The preferred practice among Catholics.

  • Mass of Christian Burial with the Ashes Present: Having the body present during the funeral, followed by cremation, is the preferred practice among Catholics.  If the body has already been cremated, the ashes are brought into the Church and are treated with the same dignity and respect as the body.  This is NOT considered a Memorial Mass.

  • Memorial Mass with No Body or Ashes Present: This Mass is usually celebrated when someone dies and is buried elsewhere.  The Memorial Mass is held so that family, friends, and the community may come together to pray for the deceased.

A member of the staff, or a parish volunteer, will work with the family step-by-step, and will answer any questions.


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