Music Ministry

All Music Ministries at St. William are looking for returning and new members to help fill out our ranks. Some members will not be returning, so we will need people of all gift and talent levels to continue the wonderful musical contributions we have been so fortunate to provide at our Liturgies.  
If you have ever given any thought at all about joining one of the music ministries here at St. William, now is the time! People from the community sharing their musical gifts are what make this Music Ministry so effective. Each music ministry experiences a great deal of camaraderie and fun!

 Top Reasons For Joining The Church Choir


  1. You're running out of clean clothes and the robe saves on laundry.
  2. The church is usually crowded and you want to make sure you always have a seat.
  3. You've just been selected for jury duty and you want to get use to sitting with a large group of people.
  4. The collection plate is never passed to the choir.
  5. There's a clock in the back of the church and you want to know when one hour has passed.
  6. For years you have wanted to know who sits in the back of the church but were afraid to turn around and look.
  7. You've been known to nod off during the Mass and don't want the priest to catch you.
  8. The chairs for the choir are padded and are the most comfortable chairs in the church.
Cynthia Dallas
Director of Music Ministry
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