First Communion

The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) is offered every Saturday at 10am in the Church.


Sacramental Preparation

Welcome!  It's great that you are looking for details on how to prepare your child for First Reconciliation & First Communion.  Here is a summary of the process at St. William.  We follow the requirements of the Diocese of Venice for two continuous years of religious instruction before receiving the Sacrament of First Communion. Those two years are in our Family Faith Formation program or a Diocesan approved Catholic school.  In addition, special sacrament preparation classes are required in the second year.  While traditionally in this area, the preparation is done in the first and second grades, it can also happen later.

First grade (or later):  Family Faith Formation classes, or Catholic School

Second grade (or later):  Family Faith Formation, or Catholic School, PLUS special sacramental preparation classes.

Becoming part of a church, including regular Mass attendance and family faith classes for elementary aged children, is a gift you give to your children... and yourself.  Come and see!


Parents, how can you enroll in the First Communion and First Reconciliation classes for 2024-2025 ? 

1) Attend Mass regularly as a family, each Sunday at St. William (be sure you're a registered member)

2) Enroll and attend regularly faith formation classes (or Catholic school, or homeschool Catholic classes)  Registration begins after July 8th for the next school year.

3) At the time of registration, you'll have the opportunity to show interest in Sacramental Prep.  A parent meeting with the director is required during August 2024.


Kristine Neumayer-Jenkins
Director of Family Faith Formation


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