First Communion


Sacramental Preparation

(First Reconciliation & First Communion)

Sacramental Preparation - Diocesan regulations require two continuous years of religious instruction before receiving the Sacrament of First Communion in Second Grade. Those two years can be in our Religious Education (Family Faith Formation) program or a Diocesan approved Catholic school.  In addition, sacrament preparation classes are required in the second year.


First Reconciliation links, for current families: 

Parents, we will meet at the Church on Thursday 1/19 between 5:45pm - 6pm.  Sunday clothes, with no photos during the service, please. 

For Parents and children in 6th grade or older:   Video (8 min) - Overview of the Sacrament of Confession

Video (4min) - How do I go to Confession?

Two Examples of A First Reconciliation:    Here    or    Here  

Examination of Conscience

Video of the Act of Contrition - with reflection time

Parents, use the Sunday email from Kristi for links, to the songs and prayers. 

We recommend that each day this week for bedtime prayers, your child says (together with you): the Glory Be, Our Father, the Hail Mary, the Act of Contrition.  

Do you need a printed step by step guide to practice with your children?  Click here.


 Click here for the updated calendar (first class, October 16).

Registration is closed for this year. 

Parents, how can you prepare your child this year to enroll in the First Communion and First Reconciliation classes next year? 

1) Attend Mass regularly as a family, each Sunday at St. William

2) Enroll and attend regularly faith formation classes (or Catholic school)

3) Contact Kristi in May 2023 to begin registration.


Click here for information about Family Faith Formation.



Kristine Neumayer-Jenkins
Director of Family Faith Formation


To email, use the address below but substitute the (at) for @ and the (dot) for .

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