Adult Faith Formation

Welcome to Adult Faith Enrichment:  SUMMER 2021 Events

Enrichment or education events will be held online and in person on a limited basis.  We are striving to stay connected socially and spiritually. The resources on this page are either hosted by St. William or from trusted Catholic organizations, and are provided to help you deepen your faith by learning and praying in different ways virtually.


THE WILD GOOSE: Discovering a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit

Join an in person Study Series!  First a video teaching,  followed by discussion.  Join for one topic or all of them.  

Mondays at 9:30 am in the Church Hall ~ free to all

June 21— The Breath of God

June 28— Baptize you with Fire

July 12—  The Spirit of Adoption

July 19— Gifts of the Holy Spirit

July 26—Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Learn more about this teaching series from Fr. Dave Pivonka online here, or log into your account to watch and be inspired!


JULY BOOK DISCUSSION SERIES:  "Embracing the Way" Thursdays ~  9:30 am ~  Church Conference Room

Our book club returns this summer!  During July, we'll discuss "Embracing the Way" over 4 weeks- join us for one session or all of them (in person and on zoom).  In September, we return to reading and discussing one book each month.  Generally, the book is connected to our faith (sometimes creatively!).  Click here for details.


Centering Prayer (currently on Zoom calls)  

Come “practice” Centering Prayer and discover what the leaders of Catholic Mysticism have to say about making room for God in our minds and hearts.  Friday mornings on zoom: 20 minutes of shared silent prayer, followed by a video presentation and group discussion. Free.  Contact Kristi for details on how to join.


 Jesus & Java (an occasional Q&A series with Fr. George) 

Click here for more information, including the JUNE 2021 recording.



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*** FORMED website subscription: this Catholic website offers high quality movies, e-books, study series, and audio programs.  Since we are unable to gather in large groups, we thought this was a great year to buy a subscription for YOU.  Sign up and see what interests you!  Just go to 

  1. Search “Saint William, Naples” 
  2. Click on our parish when it comes up.
  3. They should NOT ask for any money or fees, as the parish already bought an annual subscription for all our parishioners.
  4. Enjoy exploring and learning!

Virtual Learning Community from the University of Dayton.  This long established institution offers a variety of college level courses for minimal fees.  Take one class or enough to earn a certificate.  Click here for their homepage

Crossroads from the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry.  Click here for their homepage.  Look for the "course schedule" to see what classes being on their summer session (starting in July).  Or peruse the courses in general.  For a small fee, you can take just one class, or enough specific ones to earn a certificate. 

Franciscan at Home through the Diocese of Venice Institute for Catholic Studies and Franciscan University in Stubenville.  Click here to learn more about this offering.

Online Catholic Teaching relating to Racism 

In light of current events, we can educate our minds and hearts by looking toward the Church.  In 2018, the Catholic Bishops of the United States published a formal statement on racism:  "Open Wide our Hearts They also published a pastoral letter on racism in 1979 (Brothers and Sisters to Us).  You can find both these statements as well as practical resources on this specific USCCB page (click here).