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Our "campus" is on two parcels, caddy-corner from each other.

750 Seagate Drive is currently a construction site as we build new ministry + admin space.  It is on the southeast corner of Seagate + West.

601 Seagate Drive is the main Church, which also has a Church Hall and conference room under the same roof.  The entire building is located on the northwest cordner of Seagate + Myra Janco Daniels Boulevard. 

  • The main entrance to the church is at the front/Seagate side of the building. This is also the entrance to use for the conference room.
  • The church hall entrance can be found at the "back" of the parking lot, or the north side of the building.  
  • The temporary main office is at the northwest corner of the building, with an outside entrace separate from the Church Hall.