Safe Environment Training-High School

Safe Environment Training- High School

Safe environment training for high school students seeks to give all teenagers in the youth ministry program, the tool to safely navigate relationships, avoid child predators, keep themselves safe online, establish safe boundaries, and empower them to seek help for themselves and others when something is not right. The Diocese of Venice requires that all teens go through a yearly safe environment training that is appropriate for their age and the current cultural situations in which teens find themselves.

Safe environment training for teens is conducted the first class of confirmation each school year. Below are links to the videos shown in class, the handout given to students, and additional resources to help parents/ guardians guide their teens.  Teens who missed class this day/night are required to watch the videos with their parents and fill out the form with their parents stating they completed the safe environment training at home. The form can be found HERE after watching the videos and reading through the handout with an adult. 

Links To Resources: