Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation


Upcoming Events are listed below.

To register for any program, please contact our assistant, Susan at 776-7898.  

For more information or questions about programs, please contact our director, Kristi, at 261-5831 or email by clicking here

The aim of all our events is to help you enrich and deepen your relationship with Christ and his Church!



  • BOOKS & BAGELS - a monthly discussion group, join us when the book interests you!

                      The date, title and bonus links or videos for each month are online - click here for details



  • Francis, the Pope from the New World:  Monday, August 14, 7:00 PM, Ministry Center Hall.   A documentary film from the Knights of Columbus, "Francis: The Pope From the New World" unveils the personality, passion and extraordinary faith of the new Pope. Filmed on location in Buenos Aires, and featuring interviews with close friends, collaborators, and his official biographer — this documentary traces the remarkable rise of Jorge Mario Bergoglio.  It's 51 minutes long, with English narration and interviews in Spanish or Italian subtitled.

 One reviewer highly recommends the video with this quote:  "The enormously popular Pope Francis is the subject of this delightful and informative portrait of the Argentine pontiff from filmmakers David Naglieri and Michèle Nuzzo-Naglieri. Francis begins on a light note with the subject s first public statement as a new pope, in which he notes that his brother cardinals went to the ends of the Earth to choose a new Bishop of Rome. That s not quite accurate, of course: Francis, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, hails from Buenos Aires, described here as the Paris of South America, but also a city with a pronounced dark side of poverty and crime. An enthusiast of tango and soccer, young Bergoglio was a well-liked but unimpressive youngster who had a profound religious experience after spontaneously entering a church one day and giving confession. A subsequent, near-fatal health crisis strengthened his conviction that he was destined for the seminary, and he was ordained a priest in 1969. In time Bergoglio became the Archbishop of Buenos Aires and by 2001 was made a cardinal. Along the way, he impressed many by focusing on issues related to poverty, including the lack of economic opportunities for many people. Commentators discuss how Francis always had the courage to stand up to power, even when his emphasis on economic inequality rubbed the aristocracy the wrong way. While the documentary underscores the most popular elements of Francis s personality and his populist approach to papal leadership, it doesn't say much about his firm commitment to church doctrine on divorce, gay marriage, and adoption, or the ordination of women into the priesthood. How Francis will evolve on these issues remains a question, but for now this profile nicely summarizes the life so far of this pope who has brought activism for good causes into his global leadership. "





City of Saints - An online film series with 7 true stories 

St. Michael’s Abbey (CA) has partnered with award winning director Charles Kinnane to bring you this unprecedented seven part series – City of Saints.

Released during the Easter season, each one shows a true story.

You can visit their webpage to view the trailer and the entire series.





What is Adult Faith Formation and Enrichment?

¨ A ministry designed for adult learners on various aspects of the Catholic faith.


What type of programs or events are there?

¨ Weekly study series  (Bible, Church History, Catholicism, Spirituality)

¨ One time lectures from qualified persons

¨ Reflection or Retreat days

¨ Regular prayer groups or Small Christian Communities

¨ Move Nights

¨ Special, interactive events


Who can attend? Is there a fee?

¨ Any adult can attend

¨ Fees vary depending on materials (see individual listing)

¨ Some programs are free or donation based.