Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation


Upcoming Events are listed below.

To register for any program, please contact our assistant, Susan at 776-7898.  

For more information or questions about programs, please contact our director, Kristi, at 261-5831 or email by clicking here

The aim of all our events is to help you enrich and deepen your relationship with Christ and his Church!




Fr. George Presents Monasticism:  Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 9:15 am in the Ministry Center Hall.   When Christianity became legal in the Roman empire, the days of martyrdom seemed over.  Young men who longed to emulate the heroism of the martyrs developed a “dry martyrdom” of dying  to oneself day by day. Our session will explore the bumpy road of how this romantic desire for religious heroism developed into the vocation of monasticism.


Fr. George Presents: Catholicism East and West:  NEW DATE - Thursday, March 22 at 9:15 am in the Ministry Center Hall.    The Schism of 1054, was the break of communion between what are now the Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox churches, which has lasted since the 11th century. It had little to do with substantial theological differences, and more to do with competition for political power and difficulty translating theological concepts between Greek and Latin. The class will review how we split, how we are the same, how we are different, and contemporary efforts toward reunification



Group Excursion to the Mother Theresa Museum in Ave Maria:  March 14th (all day)


Group Tour & Survivor Talk at the SW Florida Holocaust Museum - April 17th (morning) 



  • BOOKS & BAGELS - a monthly discussion group, join us when the book interests you!   Second Tuesday morning of each month.  The date, title and bonus links or videos for each month are online - click here for details

  •  MOM'S GROUP  - a weekly discussion and fellowship group that includes little kids playing at our feet. Meets Thursday mornings, from 9:30 - 11:30 am.   We read a chapter (or as much as we can!) then gather for coffee, discussion, and refereeing toy disagreements.  The current book is "Discovering our Dignity" from the Walking with Purpose Catholic Women's Bible Study series.  Find out more about the book series online here.  For more information about our group, please contact Erin at 907-830-8168 or Kristi at 239-261-5831

  •  CENTERING PRAYER - a weekly prayer group that meets Fridays from 9 - 10:30 am.  Twenty minutes of silent, contemplative prayer, followed by fellowship and learning.  Learn more about this general style of prayer online here.


  • ONGOING SCRIPTURE STUDY - "The Gospel of Mark" - Monday nights at 7 pm, January 15 - March 26 in the Ministry Center.  $20 book fee.  Main facilitator: Mike Mahr.

The shortest of the four gospels, Mark is the earliest account of Jesus' life. With no mention of Jesus' infancy, Mark begins with Jesus' baptism in the Jordan by John and climaxes with the announcement of his resurrection to the women at the tomb. Mark asks everyone to answer Jesus' question, 'Who do you say that I am?' and challenges believers in every generation to accept the harsh reality of the cross. Mark, along with Matthew and Luke, is one of the synoptic gospels. It is the primary gospel of year 'B' in the Catholic Church's liturgical cycle, and this is the cycle for this year, 2018.   This study has 10 sessions, incorporating an introductory session and 9 lessons. The Study Set is by Little Rock Scripture Study Staff, available to purchase when you attend your first class.

  • DAVID THE KING -  Wednesday mornings, 9:15 am  - 10:30 am, Ministry Center Hall, January 10 - February 14.  Donations accepted.  Main facilitator:  Kristi Jenkins.

 In David the King, the newest Word on Fire release, Bishop Barron helps us understand this pivotal figure in light of the first king and King of kings. Adam was the first king and steward of the rightly ordered Garden of Eden. He was called to govern the Garden, but by allowing negative influences to wreak havoc on Eden, he did not fulfill his kingly responsibility. Long after Adam, David emerged as the definitive king who would restore order in the Garden and bring the world under the lordship of God. But, like Adam, David fell, and his reign ushered in a succession of compromised kings and rejected prophets. The Scriptures, however, foretold a son of David, who would realize the fullness of Israelite kingship…but whose actual reign defied expectation.  Watch online testimonials here.

  • A STUDY ON SPIRITUALITY - Monday mornings, 10am - 12 noon, Ministry Center Hall.  Main Facilitator:  Evelyn Allen.  No fees.

Explore the rich spiritual movements of the Catholic tradition.  In this course, you will encounter seven powerful schools of spirituality, discovering what makes each school special and deepening your personal relationship with God. First, you will journey to Egypt, where the wisdom of the Desert Fathers and Mothers will inspire you. Then, you will see how the Monastic Movement flourished throughout Europe. You will meet the preeminent mendicant preachers, St. Francis of Assisi and St. Dominic, who each founded influential orders based on the charism of poverty.  You will travel to Mount Carmel to witness the founding of the Carmelites. Next, you will encounter St. Ignatius of Loyola, whose command to go forth and set the world on fire continues to guide members of the Society of Jesus throughout the world. You will also explore the impact of Salesian spirituality and the Vincentian-Setonian tradition. Video Presenter:  Fr. Anthony Ciorra

  •  33 DAYS TO MERCIFUL LOVE -  March 5 - April 9, Monday mornings at 9am, Ministry Center room 7.  Facilitated by Fr. Antony Lukka.

This is the stirring sequel to the international best- selling sensation, 33 Days to Morning Glory. It uses the same 33-day preparation format of individual daily reading and prayer combined with weekly small group gatherings, 33 Days to Merciful Love journeys with one of the most beloved saints of modern times, St. Therese of Lisieux, and concludes with a consecration to Divine Mercy.  Please note:  Individual readings and preparation begins March 5, which is also the first day of our Parish Mission, led by Fr. Gaitley.  Please attend the mission and begin reading and praying that week.  Starting March 12, we will also offer a group gathering with Fr. Lukka to help you make the most of the retreat.



What is Adult Faith Formation and Enrichment?

¨ A ministry designed for adult learners on various aspects of the Catholic faith.


What type of programs or events are there?

¨ Weekly study series  (Bible, Church History, Catholicism, Spirituality)

¨ One time lectures from qualified persons

¨ Reflection or Retreat days

¨ Regular prayer groups or Small Christian Communities

¨ Move Nights

¨ Special, interactive events


Who can attend? Is there a fee?

¨ Any adult can attend

¨ Fees vary depending on materials (see individual listing)

¨ Some programs are free or donation based.