Current RCIA

Welcome to our current candidates and catechumens.  Thank you to our hosts.

On this page, you'll find a listing of the meeting dates (by the secular and church date), and the Catechetical (teaching) theme.

As the year goes on, you'll find resources from the sessions or links for more information.  Questions about this ministry can be directed to Fr. Steve Clemente.  Questions, suggestions, or issues with this webpage can be directed to Kristi Jenkins.  Both can be reached through the main office number 261-4883.  


Date Liturgical Date/Theme Catechetical Session 
12/6/20 Rite of Acceptance Mary and the Saints
  The Order of the Mass Immaculate Conception
12/13/20 3rd Sunday of Advent  The Prophets
12/20/20 4th Sunday of Advent Scripture and Tradition
  The 3 year cycle of scipture at mass  
12/27/20 No session Christmas Break
1/3/21 Epiphany of the Lord Universal Offer of Salvation
1/10/21 Baptism of the Lord Sacraments
  Baptism and Mission Baptism/ Confirmation
1/17/21 2nd Sunday Ord Time Sacrament of Vocation  
  Christian Service Of Service
1/24/21 3rd Sunday Ord Time Church and Church Structure
  Sin and Repentance  
1/31/21 4th Sunday of Ord Time  Incarnation 
  Prophet,Teacher, Lord  
2/7/21 5th Sunday in Ord Time  Morality 
  Good and Evil  
2/14/21 6th Sunday in Ord Time Sacraments of Healing
  Sacrament of Annointing  


Date Liturgical Date/Theme Catechetical Session 
2/17/21 Ash Wednesday  Lent Begins
2/21/21 First Sunday of Lent

Rite of Election:

travel to Epiphany Cathedral in Venice

2/28/21 2nd Sunday of Lent Eschatology 
  Prep for 1st Scrutiny  
3/7/21 3rd Sunday of Lent  The Creed
  10 Commandments  
  1st Scrutiny - Present Creed  
  Prep for 2nd Scrutiny   
3/14/21 4th Sunday of Lent Catholic Social Teaching
  2nd Scrutiny  
  Prep for 3rd Scrutiny  
3/21/21 5th Sunday of Lent Eucharist
  Christian Prayer   
  3rd Scrutiny  
  Present The Lord's Prayer  
3/28/21 Palm Sunday Prayer / Spirituality
4/1/21 Holy Thursday  The experience forms us
4/2/21 Good Friday The experience forms us
4/3/21 Easter Vigil Receiving the Sacraments
4/4/21 Easter Sunday The experience forms us
4/11/21 Mystagogia  
  Review of the Sacraments of Initiation  
4/18/21 Mystagogia  
  Review of the Mass  
4/25/21 Mystagogia  
  Creation of Trinity