Young Adult Ministry

Young Adult Ministry of Naples

Greetings everyone!


I hope you had a relaxing summer. As we gear up for our fall events, I just want to once again welcome all the new people that have joined this group so far. Don't forget to join our GroupMe chat where we plan our social events.


Just a quick recap for everyone, we try to have at least 2-4 events a month that fall into a Faith Enrichment category and a social engagement category. What will be offering here at St. Agnes falls into the Faith Enrichment category, but there are plenty of other events, like Adoration, service events etc. that occur and that I would love to see others take up and try to make a regular thing. GroupMe is a great way to coordinate that, but if you would like to use our email list let me know!


Faith Enrichment Component: Lectio Divina-Breaking open the Scripture 6:30-7:30 pm second and fourth Tuesdays


Dr. Will Serson has offered to lead a Lectio Divina Bible Reflection night on Tuesdays with the assistance of Dr. Tim Reilly. Both have experience leading similar groups and are excited to do so once again. All are encouraged to attend, no matter if you have never participated in Lectio Divina, or are very experienced. The leaders and I are prioritizing creating a welcoming environment that helps anyone in their faith journey learn more about scripture and themselves.   After the event concludes all are welcome to come out for drinks and food, especially now that there are so many new restaurants opening nearby! Please see the details below regarding the dates, and more information about the group. Lastly, if we have any families with children that would like to attend regularly, I can work on arranging childcare for that hour.


Thanks everyone! I am excited for this event and excited to meet all our new members soon!




Robert Massey


Dates for Lectio Divina: (Reminder, all additional social events will be planned through the GroupMe group)


Kick off September 20


October 10 and 24


November 14 and 28


December 12


More Information from Dr. Serson:


This group's goal will be to break open the living word of God via the practices outlined in Lectio Divina, which involve reading, prayer, meditation, and contemplation to understand the Bible as the living word, rather than a scholarly text. The goal would be to, through a series of prompts, study the week's Sunday readings and gospel in a way that we can carry messages from the word into our daily lives. Prompts may be as simple as, "find a word or phrase that stands out to you", or deeper such as, "which character in this anecdote do you most relate to?


The reflections would take approximately one hour and can be followed up with food and fellowship at a local restaurant or free time at the parish center to build community. At Holy Spirit Parish in Lexington, KY, I led these studies intermittently over 2 years. The leader of the group does not necessarily need to be a bible scholar, meaning that it is accessible and easy for anyone to moderate the discussion.