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Health Ministry Minute

If you are admitted to an assisted living facility, or a skilled nursing facility within our parish boundaries, please let the activities director know if you would like to receive Communion. Volunteers from St. William visit Harbor Chase, Memory Care of Naples, The Chateau, The Carlisle, the Glenview, and Lakeside Pavilion weekly for Communion. The facilities are responsible for keeping the list of those that would like to receive Communion. If you have any questions, please call our parish nurse, Rosanne Rechlin, 262-0338

The Parish Nurse is available to assist in meeting the health care needs of the whole person: physically, psycho socially, and spiritually in a confident manner.  Providing no hands on nursing care, the parish nurse is also available as a personal health counselor, health educator, referral agent, health advocate, and integrator of faith and health.

Eucharistic Ministers are available to bring Holy Communion to homebound. Please call Rosanne at 262-0338 to make arrangements. 


Rosanne Rechlin, RN, MSN, CRRN
Parish Nurse
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