Project 750

Project 750

       Project 750 is the name given to our parish project to build a new

                        Ministry Center and Administration building.

This past month we had presentation sessions to introduce the project to as many parishioners who wished to attend. Though the project is just in its beginning stages, we presented reasons we are starting, what has been done so far - including the appointment of a committee, the hiring of a Concept Architect (Eugene Aubry) and the creation of a model to show what the exterior design and the type of materials expected to be employed in its building - and the time frame such as it is right now.

Questions and answers were also a part of the sessions and though the project is in its inception period, there were good questions asked and when there was a solid answer to be given it was. There were questions now, the answers to which are not clear at this time. The main purposes for the sessions were to make as many parishioners as possible aware of the project; and to present what had been done and was being considered so as to clear up any stories that might be circulating in the parish that were not too accurate.

   Summer is coming up and that is usually a time when getting folks  attention is not an easy thing to do.  Some of us go to other homes, some of us take vacation trips, some of us do both, and some of us are just in the winding down mode because it is Spring-into Summer season, and we wanted you all to be aware of what's going on because when the Fall comes we intend to be well along in the project and ready to start our capital campaign.

We have published some Frequently Asked Questions about the to give those of you who were unable to make a session a good idea of what's up. It is our hope and plan to do more sessions as more is done on the project. In the meantime, stay tuned to the bulletin and this website and look for email blasts (sign up if you haven't already) about the project from now till then. If you have a question not addressed here sent it to Mike @