Navajo Water Project

Navajo Water Project


 The photo above is of  one of the water systems paid for by Saint William Parishioners being installed.

Navajo Water Project Flyer

In the Year of Mercy, we are presenting the Corporal Works of Mercy and Spiritual Works of Mercy. 

We have the opportunity to assist in the relieving of physical thirst for many people in this country.  As hard as it is for us to believe, there are entire communities without running water here in this country. One such community is in the Navajo Nation around the town of Thoreau, in the northwestern part of the state of New Mexico. St. Bonaventure Mission and School is located here and serves 250 families in a 100 mile area.

A single well, located at the mission, and a water truck provide water to the residents.  Some of you might have seen the CBS Sunday Morning section on the “water lady” who drives the water truck around the nation to get water to the people.  The cost of water delivery is $1,500 every two weeks.  This covers wages, fuel, and parts for the vehicles. The roads on the Navajo Nation are not great and parts are important.

They have just hired a second driver, which will allow families to go from 7 to 30 gallons of water a day as soon as the new routes are developed. This is compared to our usage of 100 gallons of water per day.

The community is now digging a second well and it will be completed in 2016.
It is our opportunity to bring life-giving, running water to the homes of the 250 families living in this part of the Navajo Nation.

Unlike many other tribes, there are no casinos to support infrastructure and no federal monies are available for this project; only donations from people like you and me.

The Navajo nation consists of 27,425 square miles, occupying portions of northeastern Arizona, southeastern Utah, and northwestern New Mexico.  There is a population of 173,000  of which 40% are without running water, relying on the water truck to bring them water.  Forty-four percent of the children live in poverty.

Come to Soup Nights on Fridays during Lent to learn about this project and all of the other ways you can impact the lives of the many in our community and country that do without.


More information: DIGDEEP and the Navajo Water Project 

If you wish to support this project, please make a check payable to Saint William Catholic Church and note DIGDEEP on the memo line. 

We will send a check to DIGDEEP after Lent, giving each of us time to consider how to change a family’s life, not for just a week, or a month, but for a lifetime. 

Checks can be placed in the offertory basket at mass or sent to the parish office. 

DIGDEEP is a 501c3 organization.  Donations can be made directly, payable to DIGDEEP and send it to 3308 Descanso Dr., Los Angeles CA 90026.  Note Navajo Water Project on your donation.

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